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Disasters & Relief
Disasters and emergencies threaten the rights of children and damages the communities they live in.
Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) has been responding to disasters in India since the 2008 Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) works to reduce the risk when a disaster or emergency occurs. Our response is aimed at the core humanitarian needs of children and youth with quality programmes and continued support in their recovery and rehabilitation.
Our Disaster Risk Management Goal
Children of all age groups, their families and caregivers live in disaster resilient communities and enjoy their inherent human rights at all times, including the right to life with dignity during crises.
We focus on core humanitarian needs during emergencies
Humanitarian relief and response interventions of Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) are based on both the needs and vulnerabilities of communities in general and children in particular. We endeavour to address the survival needs of the children and their families in the event of a disaster along with child protection and education as key focus areas.

Message / Appeal

Kashmir Humanity Foundation; KHF India is a non- profit organization established in 2008,and have Valid FCRA Certificate, We strongly believe and advocate in equal opportunity for all in Education, Health and Literacy. Keeping our vision and Mission alive to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged, poor and marginalized; we focus and work in the areas of Health, Education, Child Welfare, Women empowerment, disability and safe water. Located and operating in India in the state of Jammu & Kashmir India,

  1. What we are doing at presentKHF India endeavours include an Helping Orphanage for girl children running a tailoring institutes for women to provide self sufficiency, setting up of learning and educational training center for unemployed youth to prepare them for better job prospects, reaching out to far-flung regions to providing health and basic hygiene facilities, providing pensions and financial help to helpless, extremely poor support-less old, elderly and disabled deserving persons.
  2. We are eligible for CSR projects, we have registered under Registered under Section 12 A & 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961
  3. We actively seek and build partnerships with your worthy organization and wish to work/implement your work areas of interest and your visions in Jammu and Kashmir India
  4. Please let us know how can we collaborate, and what is yours procedure, and guidelines for partnership/collaboration.  

To know about us visit or mail us for further details we would be happy to share further details; if you require so.

Thank You Hoping for your Response

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